Purgatory wird übernommen

In letzter Zeit gab es ja einige schlechte Nachrichten, dass Hersteller Insolvenz anmelden mussten, bzw. kurz davor sind. Umso erfreulicher ist es, dass zumindest Purgatory Miniatures von Wamp aufgekauft wurde und somit die Reihe fortgesetzt wird.

Purgatory Miniatures
Wamp Store

I am excited to announce that Wamp has purchased Purgatory Miniatures.

I believe the world that Gary has created is one of huge potential and the quality of the story and rules as well as the miniatures themselves is of the highest standard.

Having known Gary for several years I have watched him bring Purgatory to life and weave a rich tapestry of characters with a brilliant passion. When the opportunity came to push that world onto its next step I couldnt turn it down.

At present we are continuing to transition things over and the store will temporarily close but I hope to officially relaunch Purgatory in a few weeks. The store will become linked to the Wampstore so you can benefit from getting your Purgatory fill alongside tons of other cool mini products!

I have a lot of exciting plans to help Purgatory grow but I am keen to enhance rather than erase and restart. We shall continue to work with the same artists, both for the artwork and the sculpting to retain that familiar feel.

The most important element for me though is ensuring Gary continues to be involved. It is his brain child and I plan on utilising his brain to build the world further and we already have a few things in the pipeline that may need beer fuelled meets!

I wont go in to too much detail right now but there will be a 3 pronged approach. Firstly I want to get more people playing Purgatory. Get people excited for what it is, a brilliant fun game. Secondly, get more miniatures available. Theres a ton of new characters and factions already envisaged by Gary that we can pull from to give you more choice, whether its for playing or painting.
And Thirdly I want to enhance the Purgatory world, more backstory, gaming accessories, and scenery for example.

What i need though is your help. Its you guys and girls that help make Purgatory what it is, part of what made me take the leap was reading the love for the world on this very page and elsewhere. If we can all get involved we can take this baby further.
So I may call on you down the line but for now I would really love some feedback from you all. What do you love about purgatory, is there anything you dont like? Do you play the game or just paint the minis? What would you like to see in the future from us?
Any opinion you can give would be great, you can drop me a line at brett@wampforum.com with any feedback you have.

So maybe you would like a teaser on some things coming soon?
Ok well when we relaunch we will have a very special (time limited) GOTG card to celebrate.
We have a very cool crossover sculpt with another brilliant game (and no its not Mythos!) and it might even see the start of a new faction!
Oh and how about the first ever Purgatory Bust?

Thanks for reading and I am so excited for the future of Purgatory and getting to know you guys a little.

Finally though I would like to say a huge thankyou to my good friend Gary Devereaux for all his hard work. Hes done such a brilliant job ( a Gary mini in the game you say?!!…maybe!)


Brett Johnson

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