Freitag, 13 Oktober 2017

Download: Guild Identity Cards Update

In our last blog about the Guild Identity Cards (GICs) we revealed a fairly huge update based on the tremendous amount of feedback we have received from you, the coaches. We’re not far off around a thousand responses to the various forum discussions and feedback threads which is simply amazing. We’re also starting to see a couple of events cropping up that will use GICs to test them in an organised play setting, which is fantastic. If you have the chance to do this or be involved in an event using GICs please do. Its feedback we’d love to see! Today, it’s time for another update to the GICs themselves albeit smaller than in our last update.

[Steamforged Games]

 Auf der Seite von Steamforged Games kann man jetzt das neueste Update für die Guild Identy Cards herunterladen.

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