Dienstag, 21 März 2017

Kickstarter: 28mm Landsknecht Zombie Miniatures

Pledge to fund The Assault Group's transfer of five 28mm Landsknecht Zombie miniatures, from White Knight's Miniature Imperium.

With two large Kickstarters under our belt, and with a least two more to come to complete the transfer of White Knight's private range, we looked at what we still have left to release; Sea Elves, Dwarf Bear Knights on foot, the Land Griffons, all exciting stuff, but we have these great zombie minis, that didn't really fit in anywhere with anything else...

But, as these are excellent minis, and well-worth bringing fully to as large an audience as possible, we have decided to run them as a tiny (miniature even) Kickstarter all of their own.

As the low Fund Goal indicates, we don't anticipate that this a large or difficult undertaking; the minis are made, the master mould prepared, and all we really need to do is make a new Production mould and cast the numbers required of this Kickstarter.

(The Assault Group)

The Assault Group bieten auf Kickstarter mit den 28mm Landsknecht Zombie Miniatures den nächsten Schwung Miniaturen aus der ehemaligen White Knight Miniatures Range an. 

Das Ziel von £100 wurde bereits erreicht.

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