Samstag, 13 Januar 2018

Kickstarter: 32mm Fantasy miniatures

 Wolfthorn miniatures is a new company with a clear goal. We are dedicated to bringing the gamers and hobbiests epic and dynamic fantasy miniatures in 32mm scale. 

So who are we really? 6 years ago I had a vision, it started with a sketch pad and a few character ideas. ( though the sketches were quite terrible), the ideas became something more to me. Over the years I expanded on it, designing the three models in this Kickstarter as well as donzens of other in my own fantasy world. In late 2015 I contacted artist, Pablo Fernandez, who took my sketches and ideas and created beautiful works of art. The artwork was then handed off to Lux Thantor who took those designs and sculpted amazingly detailed miniatures. And so my vision was falling in place. Now we need your help to produce these miniatures so that everyone can enjoy them in the comfort of their home.

Our first kickstarter will introduce a hand full of high quality fantasy miniatures from a world, five years in the making. Between Wolf summoning mages to Bear mounted commanders, Wolfthorn is aiming to leave it's mark on the fantasy genre. You can help up do just that.

In this Campaign we are aiming to deliver 3 models, each representing one of the 3 main archtypes in the fantasy genre. (Spell caster, Ranger, Warrior) . If successfully funded we will be able to move into the stretch goals and have even more epic models sculpted for you to enjoy.

(Wolfthorn Miniatures)

Wolfthorn Miniatures haben einen Kickstarter zu 32mm Fantasy miniatures gestartet. Das Finanzierungsziel liegt bei $2.500 und die Kampagne endet am 6. Februar 2018.

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