Dienstag, 12 September 2017

Kickstarter: BlitzZone & Blitz&Roll

As Fantasy Football fans, we wanted to develop a product fulfilling two of our hobby’s major needs, those that we believe we share with the gaming community.

We were looking for an easy, compact and fast to deploy carrying system where you could take with you –safely protected– everything you need for a great Fantasy Football game: the playing field, your miniatures, counters, integrated markers and so on.

And that it were, at the same time, the foundation for building your own Fantasy Football pitch. A framework that solves every technical aspect so you can just enjoy customizing, building, shaping, adding, painting and creating your very own game board. Show your skills with the only limit of your imagination!



Kekonomicon möchten mit BlitzZone and Blitz&Roll auf Kickstarter einen transportablen Fantasy Football-Tisch finanzieren. Das Projekt braucht €9.000 udn geht bis zum 2. Oktober.

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