Mittwoch, 18 Januar 2017

Kickstarter: Delvers Lost in the Dungeon of Doom 2

I'm back with another adventuring party ready for your next dungeon crawl! I have also sculpted a massive Troll, as a tribute to Ken St. Andre (creator of Tunnels & Trolls). These are heroic scale fantasy miniatures, sculpted by hand and cast in metal, for you to enjoy in your roleplaying and tabletop games. The funds from this Kickstarter campaign will pay for the mould making and casting of the new miniatures.n.

[Star Hat Miniatures]



Star Hat Miniatures haben die zweite Kampagne zur Finanzierung von 28mm Fantasy Figuren aus Metall gestartet. Delvers Lost in the Dungeo of Doom 2 hat als Finanzierungsziel 3.500 NZ$ wovon bei Redaktionsschluss bereits 2.600 NZ$ beigetragen wurden.

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