Sonntag, 13 August 2017

Kickstarter Firestorm Galaxy Expansion


Welcome to the Firestorm Galaxy Expansion, an exciting project which takes the Firestorm Galaxy and massively expands it with new products based on a wish-list collected by researching our customers around the world.

The Firestorm Galaxy was first created in 2009 with a simple goal of bringing together highly-detailed starship miniatures in the setting of a dynamic military conflict that is waging across the stars.

Since its early days the game has evolved from its first four races and 16 models to now include many more alien races and offers in excess of 150 models to gamers. The rules evolved to deliver gamers a solid game engine with version 2.0 and the narrative organically grew.

It is now, however, time to take the Firestorm Galaxy to the next level and with your support we will deliver new 3.0 rules, a revamped and improved narrative, new models, new races and much, much more! Everything our customers told us they wanted when they answered our survey.

Want to learn more about the Firestorm Galaxy? Download our primer PDFs and discover more about the exciting setting.

(Spartan Games)

Spartan Games wollen ihre Firestorm Galaxy erweitern. Ihre neue Kickstarter Kampagne hat ein Finanzierungsziel von von £50.000,00 und läuft noch bis zum 10. September 2017.

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