Freitag, 26 Januar 2018

Kickstarter: Freyja's Wrath


We exploded onto the miniatures scene in 2015 (following years of trading as The Dice Bag Lady) with Viking shieldmaidens. Since then we have released a huge amount of miniatures from WW2, Feudal Japan, Fantasy, Sci Fi and more. This is a return to our roots in a grand and dramatic way. Something we haven’t offered (up until now) is the option to build an entire army. You want a whole army of kick arse shieldmaidens? Well, hello. These are suitable for both Dark Ages and Fantasy wargaming, with some of the units and characters also being versatile for a whole number of uses. The core troops are historical dark age (but cool and interesting enough to be used with fantasy) with a mythological twist with some of the characters. All the crazy stuff is rooted in Norse Mythology.

And following Bad Squiddo tradition - yes we have some adorable critters!

You’re not even reading this though, you’ve already scrolled to drool over the images, so let’s do that!

BORING STUFF - The miniatures are 28mm scale and cast in extremely high quality pewter or resin. See the description on each pack for the specifics of material and number of parts. They come without bases supplied but with moulded on puddle bases. And of course - they are compatible with the male vikings from other manufacturers. Side by side compatibility photo to come very soon.

Shipping is charged AFTER in addition to your pledge, scroll to the bottom for more information.

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Bad Squiddo Games haben die Kampagne Freya's Wrath auf Kickstarter gestartet. 

Das Finanzierungsziel liegt bei 5.171 € und das Projekt läuft noch bis zum  6. Februar 2018,

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