Freitag, 19 Mai 2017

Kickstarter: Going Native: From Out of the Mists (2ter Versuch)

This Kickstarter campaign is intended to expand the Going Native line of models. We have a lot of new models sculpted and ready to be cast, along with scores of newly designed models that are ready to head off to the sculptors. We are doing a lot of new things with this campaign than we have done with earlier campaigns. So lets get started -

(Paymaster Games)

Paymaster Games versuchen in einem zweiten Kickstarter ihre Going Native Range zu erweitern. Der erste Kickstarter verpasste sein Finanzierungsziel mit $6.741 von $7.500. Dieses mal beträgt das Finanzierungsziel $5000 und die Kampagne läuft bis zum 18. Juni 2017.

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