Dienstag, 10 Januar 2017

Kickstarter: Heroes of the Halfling Skeletons

In this, the second kickstarter of hopefully several, you too can pledge your support and receive halfling undead to raise to do your bidding!

A grand beginning: While shopping at the site of one of my favorite sculpting artists, I noticed he did commission work. I realized at this point I could get undead halflings made by the illustrious and infamous Bob Olley! Not wishing to stunt his creativity I have tried to limit my suggestions so we can get the purest Bob Olley creations we can (with a few exceptions, it’s hard to keep your fingers out of the pudding!).

More Success: With the help of Gary at Iron Mask Miniatures (the maker of snooty, elegantly dressed dwarves) I was able to find a fantastic caster, thus bringing the best representations of Bob Olley’s work to all of us!

Much of the work has been done and I have invested the lion share of the money needed to get this project going. My plan with kickstarter is help fund the remaining work, see what kind of interest there is in the project, and look into the viability of creating more halfling skeleton units such as halfling skeleton warriors and halfling skeleton spearmen.

(Slug Industries Wargaming)



John McManis hat seinen zweiten Kickstarter veröffentlicht, um seine Palette an untoten Halblingen zu erweitern, dieses Mal mit untoten Halbling-Helden. Die Kampagne hat ihr Finanzierungsziel von $500,00 bereits erreicht und läuft noch bis zum 9. Feburar 2017.

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