Donnerstag, 14 September 2017

Kickstarter: High End Acrylic Command Board

With the Command Board you have the ideal piece of equipment for your Infinity experience.

Easily prepare yourself for your game or tournament. Quickly sort the order markers that you need, as well as any further tokens in the Command Slots and the slots for the Control and Support Decks. Securely close the Command Board with the Transporter Deck through powerful neodymium magnets. When it is time for battle, simply open the Board, and you are ready for your first order.

The Control Deck is divided in several slots: combat groups, impetuous order, lieutenant order, and command token. Together, these offer a quick tactical overview: slide the order marker down in its slot, and execute the order. Should you suffer casualties, simply take out the order marker, and flip it to its unconscious side. You can put it back in the slot, or place it next to the miniature. This makes it easier to perform the order count in the tactical phase.

With the four different lengths movement rulers in the Support Deck of the Board, it is easy to quickly and accurately move your troops across the battlefield, especially around cramped terrain. If you score objective points, you can keep score with the marker on the scoreboard.

You will no longer be looking all over for your wound-, camouflage-, or mine tokens. They are handy in reach in their sorting fields.

When your game is over, you can quickly sort your tokens back into their slots, and close the Board. On the top Transporter Deck you can securely move your miniatures around in your open transport bag to the next table, and you are ready to go for the next battle!

The Command Board and all tokens are made of high quality non-scratch acrylic, capable of lasting you many games.

[Everything Epic]



Von Skowronek gibt es als erstes Kickstarter-Projekt das High End Acrylic Command Board für Infinity. Dieses Spielzubehör benötigt bis zum 11.Oktober 2017 insgesamt €10.000€

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