Dienstag, 21 März 2017

Kickstarter: The Iron Crows and other Dwarves of Khazuk Izril

In 1973, a study carried out by researchers from the University of Borghetto San Nicolò elaborated the "Scale of happiness" (or De Carli's Scale, by its creator's name), an order of magnitude which measures the happiness of a person on the basis of certain factors. Without going into details, the various studies correlated the proportion between the income of an individual and the extent of his collection of Dwarfs: in 94% of cases, it has been demonstrated that those who spend at least 42% of their income in Dwarf miniatures are on average happier than others.


[Durgin Paint Forge]


Durgin Paint Forge aben wie angekündigt ihren Kickstarter The Iron Crows and other Dwarves of Khazuk Izril begonnen. Die Kampagne geht bis zum 24. April und benötigt €9.000.

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