Montag, 17 Juli 2017

Kickstarter: The Kore Aeronautics

Welcome to the Kickstarter for the KA101 LARC - Low Altitude Rotor Craft. The first in a new range of post modern / sci fi Flyers from the Kore Aeronautics Design Lab. 

 The LARC is a 32mm Scale Flyer, the design is a homage to many VTOL's that you will see in Hollywood Movies or read about in many sci fi novels; we have intentionally created it to look like a workhorse with a gritty science fiction image that could be set anywhere from the near future to perhaps a century or 2 down the line.

 The LARC is not a high tech, super futuristic design - rather, its the versatile and highly utilitarian Work chopper of the Future. It is easily adapted to a number of roles and utilises tried and tested technologies - many of the components of which you will see in other Kore Vehicles and VTOL's. The ideas here, is that within its setting, it is easy to maintain, low cost and efficient - and also simple to adapt for your Corporations needs.

[The Kore Aeronautics]

The Kore Aeronautics haben eine Kampagne zur Finanzierung von Sci-Fi-Fliegern im 32mm Maßstab gestartet. Der Grundpledge beinhaltet das Zivile Chassis, welches durch Upgrade-Packs in verschiedene Militärvarianten umgebaut werden kann. Das Finanzierungsziel liegt bei 2.000,- £ wovon bei Redaktionsschluss bereits 1.500,- £ beigetragen wurden. Die Kampagne endet am 01. August.

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