Montag, 18 September 2017

Kickstarter: The Twilight Traveller

Over the last few years the World of Anyaral has continued to grow and expand as I have inevitably got carried away sculpting new characters and races for the world. In order to share rules for the new units I periodically release a small digital magazine called 'The Twilight Traveller' or individual Playtest Scrolls. The time has come to pull together all the new releases from the last couple of years into a new Compiled Traveller! I will also be producing an accompanying deck of cards so you can start playing straight away.

(World of Twilight)

World of Twilight starten eine neue Kampagne zur Erweiterung ihres Fantasy Skirmish Systems. The Twilight Traveller benötigte lediglich 500,- £ zur Finanzierung, welche bereits erfolgt ist. Die Kampagne endet am 25. September.

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