Dienstag, 12 September 2017

Kickstarter: Unnatural Horror Creatures

This set of models and personalities are part of Magrieb, the fantasy setting from Menhir Games (under develpment)  and features "The Bio-Engineer", a powerfull renegade Channeller.

Hidding in the cold north he is using his channelled energy to mutate and turn natural creatures into unnatural horrible beings; a herd of haunting horrors used as tools to an end: punish the civilization, siege cities, overthrow empires, overturn those institutions that gives false power to the unfit... in the end: to hunt & devour those unworthy of life and persistence, to The Engineer eyes.

(Menhir Games)

Menhir Games haben ihren Kickstarter Unnatural Horror Creatures veröffentlicht. Bis zum 4. Oktober 2017 werden 1.800$ benötigt.

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