Sonntag, 23 April 2017

Kickstater: Halfling Adventures


It is a time of great crisis in the halfling town, for Mrs Moppet's Great Mimbleberry Pie recipe has been stolen and the culprit is believed to be heading to one of the many popular pie shops of Midlam Town in order to sell the recipe to the highest bidder. 

Six brave halfling adventurers have been chosen to go on a quest to recover and return the recipe, before the harvest festival pie ceremony.

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of six 28mm scale halflings, for all of your Fantasy games.

In addition, whether they have to get some much-needed rest, overeat or get knocked out by bothersome goblin, there is a prone version of each miniature for use in your games.

(Midlam Miniatures)

Midlam Miniatures haben einen Kickstarter für Halbling Abenteurer gestartet. Das FInanzierungsziel von £600 wurde bereits erreicht und die Kampagne endet am 15. Mai 2017.

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