Montag, 20 März 2017

Late Pledge: Florence Knights und KS-Ankündigung

[Latest Kickstarter] Our Florence Knights campaign it's going very well, as soon as models will be produced we will ship out orders already confirmed and actually we are already able to send out something!!!

[Fantasy Football Project] We are receiving many mails about our next release, so today we want to share with you some wip about next project.

During July 2017 we will start a project with our new Dark Elves. This team was put in hold for many times but since last months we worked on it to rise the level of models and adjust like latest team. Will be a traditional team, no themed, and we will show you new wip in next days.
Here we are showing you two Witch Elves.

Same for the Iwa Tai, our oriental Dwarven team. Models was almost done, but Hei..quality wasn't so good, where was details on sculpts? So our character designer is workings on concepts and during December 2017 this team finally will come out! For now we can show our version of Death Roller, and whit this we try to explain what we mean for "adjust the quality".

[Greebo Games]

Wer den Kickstarter zu den Florence Knights verpasst hat, kann nun bei Greebo Games per Late Pledge einsteigen.

Ebenso zeigen sie auf ihrer Facebookseite eine Vorschau auf die nächsten 2 Projekte. Es handelt sich um 2 Fantasy Football Teams. Den Anfang machen die Dunkelelfen, welche im Juli per Kickstarter finanziert werden sollen und im Dezember soll die Kampagne zu den orientalischen Zwergen folgen.

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