Sonntag, 13 August 2017

Pre-Order: 15mm Leopard 1 plastic kit

New 15mm Leopard 1 plastic kit up for pre-order!
5 model tanks in the box
Options to build A1/A3 or Canadian C1 variants . We couldn't get the A1/A2, A5 or Gepard as the frame size was just getting too big - these options will be in another kit

Due beginning of November (probably earlier but we are erring on the side of caution!) but pre-order now to be the first to get this sought after kit and be entered into a prize draw to win:-
1st prize - £50 worth of your choice of PSC kits
2 x 2nd prize - £20 worth of your choice of PSC kits

Now the Leopard 1 is off the toolroom, what shall we do next in 15mm for the Cold War? Vehicles? 15mm hard plastic infantry.....? Give me your suggestions here on our Facebook page or email me at:-


(Plastic Soldier Company)

 Bei Plastic Soldier könnt ihr nun ein Leopard 1 Plastik Kit  im 15mm Maßstab für £19.35 (€21,30) vorbestellen.

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