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Pre-Order: Corvettes für Dropfleet Commander


Santiago Class Corvette

The Santiago class corvette is a small, atmospheric-capable vessel of sub-frigate tonnage. These nimble, fast ships were designed for a single purpose - hunting down enemy atmospheric fleet assets. They are armed with a potent array of air-to-air missiles, utterly lethal to the frigate sized vessels that are its favourite prey. In particular, strike carriers and their precious cargo are prime targets since these strategically vital ships are shielded from the majority of enemy fire while operating in atmosphere.
Santiagos are favoured by the most aggressive captains fresh from Niccolum's Naval Academy. Atmospheric combat is not for the faint of heart as it must be fought only at close range where the small Santiago is always vulnerable to return fire. The uniquely challenging nature of these operations is a fiery crucible from which many budding captains do not return, but those that do are often destined for greatness in the future.

Nickar Class Hunter-Killer

The Nickar class hunter-killer is a small, atmospheric-capable vessel of sub-frigate tonnage. These nimble, fast ships are rightly feared by any enemy vessel that operates in atmosphere - this ship's favourite hunting ground. Armed with specialist plasma munitions, these deadly predators can easily destroy vessels larger than themselves such as strike carriers.
In the opening days of the Reconquest, this class was responsible for more Armoured Corps losses than ground actions. Thousands of men and vehicles were lost to hunter-killer incursions aboard their strike carriers before they even made it to the surface. Since these vessels operate in the relative safety of atmosphere, the best measure against them is corvettes - a lesson learned the hard way by the Admiralty who no longer discount such small ships in their battle plans.

Glass Class Cloudfliers

These tiny vessels fulfil the role of the corvettes of other races, although they are smaller even than those diminutive ships. They are designed solely to hunt enemy atmospheric assets and are extremely fast. These ships are favoured by the most aggressive Shaltari with the least fear of death and as such are generally crewed by Firstborn Shaltari new to the arts of naval warfare. They have a small crew of just twelve individuals, their pace and atmospheric capability their best protection against the enemy.
Typically, they hunt in packs, utilising their compact but lethal ion cannons to rake the hulls of the larger strike carriers which are their preferred prey. Although not as dangerous as a Corvette alone, their cooperation can quickly reduce the target to so much falling debris in a matter of seconds.

Echo Class Corvette

The Echo class corvette is a small, atmospheric-capable vessel of sub-frigate tonnage designed to prow the atmosphere for vulnerable prey, such as strike carriers. Armed with a heavy missile payload, the Echo is adept at decimating the larger targets which it hunts. It is also armed with a pair of mass drivers buried within its streamlined hull, making it a threat to enemy ships at range when fighting in the void. In combination, this makes the Echo more heavily armed than any equivalent ship of another race.
It is also rare among PHR ships in that it is designed with stealth in mind. This means that Echo's can fire some of their weapons while silent running, making them capable void operators due to their mass driver armament, which can be fired at ranges from which the enemy cannot hope to return fire.

(Hawk Wargames)

Bei Hawk Wargames gibt es die Corvettes für Dropfleet Commander jetzt in der Pre-Order. Im deutschen Vertrieb sind sie beim Verlag Martin Ellermeier erhältlich.

Die UCM Santiago Class Corvette (6) für 22,99€.

Die Scourge Nickar Class Hunter-Killer (6) für 22,99€.

Die Shaltari Glass Class Cloudfliers (6) für 22,99€.

Die PHR Echo Class Corvette (6) für 22,99€.

Alle Modelle sind aus Resin.


Außerdem gibt es im neuesten Kickstarter Update eine Vorschau auf die übrigen Advanced Sectors und experimentelle Regeländerungen als Download.

Produkte für Dropfleet Commander sind unter Anderem bei Planet Fantasy erhältlich.

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