Freitag, 13 Oktober 2017

Preview: Neuheiten der nächsten Woche

The deep rich red of the internal bay of the Tohlic began to pulse yellow and orange as disembarkation klaxtons and their tied in warning lights cut in marking seconds until the front ramp descended and the battle proper would begin.  Muffled by the thick layer of titanium alloy the cracking caress of Juno laser beams and the dull impact of Flora grenades sounded far off though the Khanate were very near indeed.  After two weeks in the snow and ice the column had found Invader Delta on a plain between towering mountains its wings broken and body torn by its fall from the stars.  Over the heads of the troops the roar of the Moth rotary cannon which was top mounted on the Tohlic spoke of a tough approach to the Dragon Ship.  Their helmets updated with external views of the armoured carrier as it churned through the icy wastes of the plain.  Ahead were over two hundred Legionaries and all of them were firing at the twelve carriers as they approached.  Half a dozen of the enemy directly ahead were turned to pink mist by the burst of heavy rounds from the rotary cannon and then they were in position.  The Tohlic swung around to present a partially side on profile to the enemy and the fourteen foot tall ramp clanked loudly as it unlocked and descended.  Troopers streamed out of the bay their rifles held ready and quickly took up firing positions behind the hulking vehicle which had been their home since leaving Ismere.  Its flanks rose high over their heads and the rotary cannon continued to fire.  It was only a short run to the broken body of the alien starship...once the Legionaries were taken care of that was...

[The Ion Age]

The Ion Age zeigen auf ihrer Seite eine Vorschau ihre Neuheiten der nächsten Woche.

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