Mittwoch, 23 November 2016

Preview: Quadjumper Erweiterung für X-Wing

We begin our preview of the Quadjumper Expansion Pack for X-Wing with a caveat—when Finn and Rey discussed the possibility of stealing a quadjumper to outrun a number of First Order TIE/fo fighters, it was within a specific context, one in which the idea was presented as an alternative to running across the sands of Niima Outpost on foot.

No, the quadjumper is not going to outrun a TIE/fo fighter in any fair sort of race. It won't even outrun a TIE/fo fighter in a race that's only just a little bit unfair. The TIE/fo fighter is a fast and agile performance starfighter. The quadjumper is a spacetug. The TIE/fo fighter was built for streaking across battlefields, even as it turned, weaved, and rolled to avoid enemy fire. The quadjumper was built to maneuver containers quickly through orbital transfer yards.

That said, the quadjumper is very good at what it does. It is powerful and maneuverable, and modified quadjumpers are often put to use as smuggling ships or exploration craft. At times, the typically unarmed ship is even outfitted for battle, and this is the case with the quadjumper that you will find in the Quadjumper Expansion Pack for X-Wing.

.(Fantasy Flight Games)

Bei Fantasy Flight Games gibt es jetzt ein Preview der Quadjumper Erweiterung für X-Wing zu sehen.

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