Samstag, 09 Dezember 2017

Release: Boromite Hauler für Beyond the Gates of Antares

Haulers are general utility vehicles and whilst they are not produced to a set design or pattern they always have a size and broad appearance that is dictated by practicality. Because they are living and work spaces as well as fighting machines they tend to be relatively bulky.

Whatever armaments they have are placed high upon their superstructure for good visibility. Haulers don’t always have weapons, but somehow they always seem to acquire them as soon as trouble starts – quite how is a mystery.

Each Hauler is likely to be built by or for its owner, affording all manner of variation in appearance and capability. However, Boromites are not fools when it comes to technology and are quick to make use of the best components wherever possible.

Haulers are invariably fully suspensored vehicles protected by fixed reflex style armour shielding augmented by hyperlight boosters where available.

(Warlord Games)

Bei Warlord Games gibt es den Boromite Hauler für Beyond the Gates of Antares. Das mehrteilige Modell kostet £50,00 (ca. €56,90).

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