Samstag, 13 Januar 2018

Release: Cold War Soviet Infantry und US M60A3 Tanks

January 2018 new releases and news

Happy New Year everyone!

15mm hard plastic Cold War Soviet Infantry
A 3 platoon plus HQ company sized box of hard plastic 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry. 125 figures - all you will need! Riflemen, grenadiers, RG7s and PKM machine guns plus heavy weapons support of AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spiggot, AGS-17 Grenade Launcher, SA-7 Grail AA Missile…

15mm M60A3 Tank
5 x 15mm (1/100th) plastic US M60A3 tanks…

1/72nd price rise from 1st February 2018
Rising costs have reluctantly forced us to raise prices on our 1/72nd kits - £17.50 kits will go up to £18.95, £15.95 kits will go up to £16.95 and £11.50 kits will go up to £11.75.
However, the old prices will still be available until 31st January so grab yourselves some reinforcements quick!

Looking forward...............
We have some great 15mm and 1/72nd plastic kit releases for 2018:-
February - 1/72nd T55
March - 15mm Valentine
April - 1/72nd Valentine
The design elves have just started work on 15mm and 1/72nd Sexton which will be followed by Horch/Steyr heavy cars and SU 76 later in the year. A couple of surprise kits will slipped in as well......................

10mm plastic Cold War and Battlegroup Northag:-

Northag will definitely happen - development work and playtesting continues
Still conducting feasibility on 10mm plastic but looking good for a starter set Kickstarter later in the year..................

Battlegroup Torch (second North Africa campaign book covering El Alamein '42 to Tunisia '43) on track for Salute April 2018 release. Pre-order deal coming soon


A number of great releases for 2018, including 2 particularly juicy games..............
More on this shortly

Happy new year to all our lovely customers!

(Plastic Soldier Company)

Plastic Soldier Company haben zwei Neuheiten im Programm:

PSC 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry für £21,50 (~€24,30)

15mm M60A3 Tank für £21,50 (~€24,30)


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