Freitag, 21 April 2017

Release: Goblin Command

In each Goblin swarm, there is always an Alpha, a pack-leader who rules through brute strength, cunning and intimidation. They often carry the best weapons and fight ferociously, for their status depends mostly upon their fighting prowess. When the Goblins mass for war, they bring grisly trophies to battle - usually skulls, spines and other trophies taken from defeated Dwarves, Bone Trolls, or other, unidentified inhabitants of the Deeps. They also bring shoddily-made drums ; these are not to signal troop movements - for Goblins communicate with clicks and shrieks too high-pitched for Dwarves to hear - but to confuse the Dwarves by mimicking the drumbeats of Dwarven regiments and luring them into traps.

Goblin Command are metal models and are supplied on 20mm x 20mm square bases. Each kit contains a Goblin Alpha, a Goblin Icon Bearer and a Goblin Drummer.

[Titan Wargames]

Bei Titan-Wargames ist nun die Kommandoeinheit Goblin Command für die Goblin Scavenger erschienen. Die Modelle sind im 28mm Maßstab, aus Metall und kosten 5,- £ (ca. 5,96 €).

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