Mittwoch, 13 September 2017

Release: Noble Townhouse und Water Well

Noble Townhouse represents the city or town residence of a noble or wealthy family. Townhouses of the rich are bigger in size and more elaborate than those of regular townsfolk. By their residence nobles prevented the town from becoming merely a trading centre or an aggregate of merchants. They kept the citizens in touch with the rest of the kingdom. They made the people understand that they belong to their Realm.
Water is a source of life and often a scarce commodity. There is a belief that a wish can be made in a well. Townsfolk believe in it's healing properties.

(Tabletop World)

Bei Tabletop World gibt es ein Noble Townhouse für €112,00 und einen Brunnen für €6,00 im Release. Die Resinmodelle sind im 28mm Maßstab.


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