Dienstag, 21 März 2017

Release: X-Craft Submarine & V1

About the X-Craft British Minisub:

The X-Craft was a WWII midget submarine class built for the Royal Navy during 1943-1944. Known individually as X-Craft, the vessels were designed to be towed to their intended area of operations by a full-size ‘mother’ submarine with a passage crew on board. Once the attack was over, the X-Craft would rendezvous with the towing submarine and then be towed home. Range was limited primarily by the endurance and determination of their crews, but was thought to be up to 14 days in the craft or 1,500 miles.

About the V-1 Flying Bomb:

The V-1 Flying Bomb was an early cruise missile and the first to use a pulsejet for power. It was developed at Peenemünde Army Research Center by the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Due to its limited range, the thousands of V-1 missiles launched into England were fired from launch facilities along the French and Dutch coasts. At its peak, more than one hundred V-1s a day were fired at Southeast England. A total of 9,521 were fired, decreasing in number until the last V-1 site in range of Britain was overrun by allied forces in October 1944.


Bei Brickmania gibt es jetzt das X-Craft Submarine sowie die V1 im Angebot:

X-CRAFT BRITISH MINISUB für $445,00 (~€414,00)

V-1 FLYING BOMB für $100,00 (~€93,00)

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