Freitag, 19 Mai 2017

WiP: Troll Mercenary Warlord Arag Shan für Godslayer

New Mercenary Warlord

Arag Shan is a Troll Mercenary general. We try to show in the equipment his original background as a Troll, with aspects of their Mongol armor style, while also giving him a more worldly look with armor bits and shield collected from other cultures he has aided or crushed.

Arag Shan will be a stretch-goal mini in the upcoming Godslayer Kickstarter, schedule now for 1 September.

He stands around 46mm tall (plus helmet)

(Megalith Games)

Megalith Games zeigen auf ihrer Facebook-Seite WiP Bilder des Troll Mercenary Warlord Arag Shan für Godslayer.

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