# 225 Klicksmarter Spezial I


Es ist nicht tot, was ewig liegt – und deshalb stauben wir den Klicksmarter wieder ab. Sebbo und Steven sprechen über zwei ganz besondere Projekte.

Wenn ihr wissen wollt, was an diesen Projekten so interessant ist, solltet ihr unbedingt reinhören.

Eure Magabotatos

Hier findet ihr die Antworten unserer beiden Interviewpartner im Originalton, ohne jegliche Veränderung:

Saucermen Studios, Interviewpartner Alex

1. Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Alex, designer and owner of Saucermen Studios.  Originally from UK, but relocated to Australia almost a decade ago.

2. How did you find your way into the hobby and why do you love it/what do you love most?

I began gaming in the early 90s with GW but discovered tabletop RPG and other systems not long after.  Currently, I’m really enjoying Infinity & D&D but wish I had more time for the hobby. I’ve always loved making things, especially things with a high concept . For me, aesthetics, crafting narratives and telling stories with unique and engaging scenery is the appeal.  My background as a digital producer and creative industries professional allowed me to start Saucermen Studios with my partner. I love it!

3. What makes your project special?

We aimed to create numerous series of high quality, easy to print terrain that include a huge amount of variety and customisable set-ups.  Theme, modularity and playability is really important and we believe our terrain delivers on this. Seeing our kits on tables, for different game systems and set-up in different ways makes me genuinely happy.

4. What did you use for inspiration?

There’s so much incredible artwork and designs around these days but ultimately, the various settings and lore for current or existing games have so much to offer. Combine this with a life time of absorbing sci-fi books, movies and comics and I find I have no shortage of inspiration.  I’m always getting ideas for new concepts so I try to research and render these out in 3D software.

5. Do you have any plans for future projects?

Our goal is to keep producing 3D printable terrain and expand the variety.  Having launched two successful Kickstarters has allowed us to fund the projects and we hope to keep making bigger and better kits.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell us and/or our audience?

We’d love people to check out our latest Kickstarter – Lost Colony: Spaceship Graveyard.  It funded in just 10 minutes and had all the stretch goals unlocked.  We’ve added some bonus content and continue to add more.

Studio Luna, Interviewpartner Tugbay

1.Who are you and where are you from?

Greetings, I am Tugbay, a professional bassist but since COVID killed music business and not me, my hobby miniature painting became a fulltime job and I have founded Studio Luna, which is also my daughter’s name. While I was painting live on Twitch, I met Erman who is a professional CG artist and he convinced me to print and paint an Ultima Online diorama. This started our collaboration. I am from Alanya/Antalya (I am sure a lot of German people know this town very well) and Erman is from Bursa, both in Turkey.

2. How did you find your way into the hobby and why do you love it/what do
you love most?

My first miniatures were from Warhammer fantasy, Breton archers. I dont even remember what paints I used to paint them because it was around 1999. But I have never played Warhammer because Alanya was a small town and there were no one to play with. So those archers ended up decorating our aquarium. Then for a long long time, until 2017 I havent painted anything, nor owned any miniatures until discovered the world of Kickstarter and saw the miniature campaigns and my love was reborn again. I bought some paints and brushes and started to suck all the available knowledge on the internet about miniature painting.

Exploring colours, mixing them and playing with their values and saturation makes me feel so in control, independent and powerful. It is also familiar to me because I do the same in music, not by using paints but by using musical notes instead. For example the concept of contrast is almost the same in music. If you play too heavy and fast all the time, your music will lose its interest. Also, if you use the same musical scale all the time, it gets boring and you need to add stranger notes into it to make it richer BUT without losing harmony. It is almost the same in music and this really impresses me.

3.What makes your project special?

While sculpting the models, I had to interfere with Erman’s mechanical modelling with my fantasy-medieval style. This created a subtle blend in between the reality and fantasy stuff. This might offer a new look in Roman buildings. If you examine our models you will easily notice that they are neither too realistic nor fantasy-like. I like this result. Also, I am very experienced in 3D printing especially resin printing and this made me detect and fix any possible problems about the printing stage of our models. Although our models are mainly for FDM printing, they can also be hollowed and printed easily on SLA printers. This might also be a positive property.

4. What did you use for inspiration?

We didnt need a lot because as you might now, ancient Roman ruins are scattered all around Turkey. My wife worked as a tourist guide for years and she has been to almost every Roman/Greek ruin across Turkey. So we had lots of documents at home for inspiration. Also Erman was into Roman history when we met and this happened to be our common interest. There are very famous cities and ruins around my hometown Antalya, such as Aspendos, Termessos, Selge and Phaselis to count some. These all made good sources of inspiration for us.

5. Do you have any plans for future projects?

Of course! Our first plan is to build a website and make „Studio Luna“ an official hub of 3D painting and sculpting. We plan to get our team bigger by adding organic sculptors to create our miniature lines and concept artists to create original artwork for references in 3D digital modelling. I think we will keep hanging around fantasy themed projects. But of course this is not a strict rule. We are very young (… I mean Studio Luna, not us 🙂 ) and have lots of ideas in our minds, we need to filter them down to make our path clear.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell us and/or our audience?

I have always believed success comes automatically when you do the job you love! After I graduated from university as a Food Engineer, I decided that I am not happy working as an engineer and I will never be successful. So i decided to go on with music to earn my life but I have to say, it is so very difficult to live by making art in a country where people get poorer every day due to corruption of the government and devaluation of the currency. I hope no young person goes through this kind of challenge where no matter how hard you work or how good you are at your profession, you get poorer everyday because your money gets weaker every day. This is a devastating feeling especially for a creative person because I believe creativity comes from a happy and independent mind. It is getting more difficult everyday to live by doing what I love in my country but I still keep fighting for it because I dont want my daughter to see me given up. So I strongly appreciate every single support. A big thank you from my heart to all of our supporters, for giving us a chance to create our little heavens, and to you for giving us this chance to spread the word.

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3 Comments on “# 225 Klicksmarter Spezial I”

  1. Zum neuen Konzept ist es schwierig etwas nach einmaligen Hören zu schreiben.
    Ich hatte mir die Beschreibung nicht durchgelesen und war vom Konzept überrascht, finde die Idee aber gut.
    Am Schönsten wäre es die Kickstarter selber eine Stimme haben, in Englisch ist perfekt in Ordnung. Ist aber vermutlich eine Zeitfrage weil der Organisationsaufwand deutlich steigen wird.
    Die Interviews klangen so wie sie es waren: Abgelesen. Einerseits nicht schlimm weil man dann merkt wann Sebbo seine eigene Meinung abgibt, anderseits schweife ich dann leichter vom Podcast ab. Aber dieser Punkt ist schwer nach einer einmaligen Folge zu beurteilen und braucht mindestens eine weitere Folge.
    Vielen Dank für diesen Podcast.

  2. Mir gefiel die neue Version des Klicksmarters echt gut. Ich denke die Variante, die Fragen im Vorfeld auf englisch zu stellen und dann für die Aufnahme auf deutsch zu übersetzen ist gut. Ein direktes interview mit den Partner auf englisch und anschließender Übersetzung empfinde ich immer als zu holprig. Von daher ein guter Weg.

    Ich freue mich in Zukunft auf jeden Fall über weitere Ausgaben in der Form 🙂 Danke für den schönen Podcast, zudem in einer sehr angenehmen Länge.

  3. Vielen Dank Jonas und Jonas… hehe… Jonas Brothers 😉

    Danke für das Feedback und die positive Kritik. Wir feilen weiter an dem Konzept und wenn wir mal einen deutschsprachiges Projekt vorstellen, können wir das Interview ja vielleicht direkt durchführen.

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