Figure Painter Magazine – Gratis Komplettwerk

Ich war sehr traurig, als das Figure Painter eingestellt wurde. Nun haben die Herausgeber alle bisherigen Ausgaben kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Endlich kann ich meine Sammlung komplettieren, denn das „Heft“ ist echt lesenswert.

This is an offer simply too good to ignore so share the hell out of this post. All back issues of FPM free to all modellers anywhere in the world! FPM made friends all over the world and we feel its the least we can do to try and encourage our friends to stay at home and to relieve some of the boredom if you are in lockdown. We are a universal family who speak a language few outside of our hobby understand but what draws us together is a shared passion and a lot of care for our community.
Shane thank you man!

Figure Painter Magazine

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